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Our Mission: We Take Care of People

We Have a 70%+ Success Rate

"Our survey showed that hiring a disability lawyer makes a big difference in the outcome of SSDI and SSI claims. When we looked at the outcomes for all readers who hired an attorney at some point in the process, the results showed that 60% were ultimately approved for benefits, compared to 34% of those who didn't have a lawyer's help. That means that, overall, having a lawyer nearly doubled applicants' chances of getting benefits . (A government report from 2017 backs up this data; the report found that disability applicants who used representatives were allowed benefits 2.9 times as often as those without.)"

- Martindale-Nolo Research

Effect of Lawyer on Approval Rating

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Access to your disability attorney and disability benefit updates - when you need them most.

Our mission is to help you get the most from your SSDI claims. We provide you with a dedicated team of disability lawyers and other professionals that know the Social Security application process inside and out, and have a proven track record of success.

We at American Disability Alliance hope to start a partnership with you. We’ve found this to be the way to achieve the best results for our clients. We will share information, strategy and goals in order to make the SSDI process efficient, reassuring and, of course, successful.

ADA is dedicated to helping you through this difficult time. You did not expect to apply for Social Security but now that you are, we will guide you through the process knowing how tough your circumstances have become. ADA gives you access to a dedicated team of disability lawyers and other professionals that know the Social Security application process and are on the cutting edges of ideas and SSDI information.

At American Disability Alliance, we are committed to serving the truly disabled and therefore are selective in the clients and claims we take on. We're interested in helping those who have worked hard for years, only to find themselves disabled from that work now.

We guide our clients through the sometimes difficult and confusing Social Security Disability process and give them access to the best advocates in the country. This innovative process of selectivity in our clients combined with using advocates and lawyers who work every day in the Claimant's area, has allowed ADA to establish an unrivaled success rate.

No Matter What State You Are In,
We Are Here To Help

American Disability Alliance was founded in Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware. As we have won social security disability cases we have expanded and are ready to serve your disability benefit needs anywhere in the United States.

We pre-screen our advocates and utilize the best advocates across the country whether you reside in South Carolina, Florida to Arizona, we can represent you. In fact, we have access to hundreds of advocates at any given time. These advocates will always be local attorneys and advocates, who live and work in the same area as our Claimants.


ADA will never forget that it is a privilege to do the work that gets honest, working people back on their feet with disability benefits. This is our mission and guides every decision we make, from how we assist our clients to who we hire.

“They were really great firm to work with and made the whole process very easy. Adam was always available to get in touch with when needed. I would highly recommend their services.”

- Mara Z: NEW YORK

“My experience with ADA was less stressful and yield results in a timely manner. I will continue to utilize their services for other needs.”

- Stephen S: GEORGIA

“I really needed help. I had nothing left and was going to lose my house. My lawyer filed my claim quickly and then I got a letter that said I won. Things have gotten better since then.”

- Rosetta W: MARYLAND

“Adam Taylor was very helpful, answered all my questions and made it a very stress free process.”