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Common SSDI Qualifying Conditions

Do you suffer from one or more of these conditions or face other unique health challenges?

Social security disability is not limited to one type of health condition. Any of these can qualify, and sometimes other unique health challenges can as well. Our disability lawyers are focused on assisting with your SSDI application and getting you the benefits you deserve.

Anxiety and Depression

These psychiatric ailments, when severe enough, can lead to a complete inability to focus on or keep a job, resulting in the need for social security disability insurance (SSDI).


Constant pain in your joints may make it difficult or impossible to do a job or concentrate on your work.

Bipolar Disorder

This and other psychiatric issues, when accompanied by inpatient hospital stays, are compelling reasons to apply for SSDI.


Eyesight that can be defined as “legally blind” in both eyes is a very winnable disability benefit claim.


Many types of cancer can leave the patient with horrible side effects. Also, many types can take very long periods of time to treat. Cancer patients are often prime candidates for SSDI.


COPD can limit your ability to breath properly. Through spirometry testing, our disability lawyers can tell whether you meet the SSDI criteria.


Anyone who is considered legally deaf should make a claim.


This is an ailment that is being diagnosed more and more. The pain associated with serious fibromyalgia makes work almost impossible.

Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease and other types of heart ailments often bring symptoms that make work impossible.

Hepatitis C or Lupus

These diseases bring on a multitude of symptoms that can make it difficult to hold down steady employment.

Herniations in the upper/lower back

If you have problems standing or sitting for long periods of time due pain in your neck or lower back, you may be eligible for SSDI.

Knee or Hip Disorder

Consistent pain in your knees or hips that leads to difficulty walking or staying in one position for long stretches of time can be compensable.

Seizure Disorders

An uncontrollable seizure disorder that cannot be managed by medication makes for a dangerous work environment for both the worker and the employer.

Sickle Cell Disease

This disease can lead to acute crises where blood vessels suffer blockages. It can be very difficult to treat and keeps many completely out of work.


The results of a stroke often leave the sufferer with the physical inability to perform any work at all.

Our disability lawyers are here to assist with your social security disability application and getting you the disability benefits you deserve.

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