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"When I felt hopeless and stressed about my case being denied and needed assistance from a firm and attorney along with their staff- American Disability Alliance was the best choice I have ever made. Adam, Jessica and all at the firm are always so responsive, proactive, professional and most of all there for you as a person not only a client. The entire process was a smooth slate and with their support and help I just won my case! Thank you so much Adam & All at American Disability Alliance for all you do."


"I want to thank Adam and Brandy for their help in getting my approval for disability! I was afraid it would take forever but they helped me fill out paperwork and do the appeal so I could get my disability approved. I felt like I wasn't alone on this journey and that someone with experience in the Social Security Disability area was with me all the way! Thank you guys!"

- Jan C: TEXAS

"They were really great firm to work with and made the whole process very easy. Adam was always available to get in touch with when needed. I would highly recommend their services."

- Mara Z: NEW YORK

"My experience with the American Disability Alliance group was very satisfying, they were very pleasant and happy to assist me with my claim and settling in a timely matter. I will gladly refer anyone needing assistance with there claims."


"Thank you so much to the American Disability Alliance for their help in securing my Social Security Disability! 6 months ago after getting out of the hospital I decided to file for Disability, but I also decided to seek help. I reached out to American Disability Alliance where Dana Cooper and the rest of the team worked hard to get the WIN! Thank you all so much for your help. Need help and not sure where to go to get the benefits you deserve? Call the American Disability Alliance today!"

- Micheal C: TENNESSEE

"He is good. I have no problem with him. He always returned my calls. It took a year, but that is not his fault. The secretary was very pleasant. He called me back even when we was having a baby."

- Janet A: FLORIDA

"I applied for SSI for my daughter almost every year starting in 2007. She was denied every time, even with the help of 2 lawyers. Then I talked with Adam Taylor and he helped us!!! Finally my daughter has been approved !!! Now, she has a chance for a better life !!!! I truly recommend the American Disability Alliance !!! They are highly skilled and compassionate experts. God bless you, Adam and the whole ADA team. We Thank you so much from our hearts!!!"

- Jackie W: VIRGINIA

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"He really helped me. He got back to me on time. He is a real good guy. He got it done."

- Charles T: LOUISIANA

"Adam Taylor was very helpful, answered all my questions and made it a very stress free."


"They have been a good help to me. Thanks for the very good work you all have done"

- Shelley B: INDIANA

"I would like to personally thank Nicole Mosher for her outstanding assistance in my claim. When I have been at my lowest time in my life she gave me hope. I was approved for my disability and hope to hear more soon. She always lets me email her. With my mental conditions I have a hard time understanding allot and not once did she make me feel less for having a disability. I’m thankful for everything she has done and also the American disability alliance. I would refer them and will be referring for anyone that wants a great team behind them all the way."


"Reaching out to American Disability Alliance is one of the best decision I made in my lifetime."When I reached out to ADA my life was in a turmoil . I was totally lost. Mentally and physically drained just by my disability. The fact that I was 7yrs short from retirement and already dedicated 38yrs to my profession. Developing a disabling condition that the medical field and very few doctors new how to deal with had my plate overfilled. Filing for Social Security Disability and navigating through the system was overwhelming for me to handle. The team at American Disability Alliance took over and got me through the process smoothly and fast.

Dana De Santo was my liaison. Excellent professional with magnificent people skills. She made the process easy and assured me that behind the scenes the team was on top of everything and had all under control. I consider the firm very lucky to her. Adam Taylor was the master mind. Excellent lawyer with great empathy. He skillfully helped me navigate through the system and utilizing his professional expertise got me a win.

I am forever thankful to the firm and its magnificent team. No need to sweat it. ADA has got your back. I highly recommend you not to do this alone. Reach out to American Disability Alliance . This dedicated team of professionals will guide you through the system. They will advocate and skilful help you navigate through the SSDI require paperwork in order to obtain what you've worked hard for and you deserve."


"I spoke with Dana Cooper regarding my disability on multiple occasions and she was great to work with. Dana was always responsive to all of my emails. There was some wrong communication from the social security office, I emailed Dana to let her know what they had told me and Dana was quick to call them to get it sorted out. She called me as soon as all was sorted out."


"I would like to thank Adam and his staff for handling my case with professionalism and empathy. He worked diligently for years keeping me informed and up to date. He came highly recommended and I concur."


"Adam was great. He was professional. He did what he said he would do and got me my disability."


No Matter What State You are In...

We are here to help and are just a phone call away.

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"I submitted a claim on my own and was denied. I had 60 days to appeal the decision and after carefully reviewing a few Law firms I decided that my best option was Mr. Taylor with American Disabilty Alliance. The BEST decision ever. I'm so fortunate to work with such a professional team. I was stunned at how effortless Mr. Talor made the process and how fast the results were. If you're looking for a lawyer that will get you results, look no further. I can't sat it enough Thank you Mr. Taylor"


"I really needed help. I had nothing left and was going to lose my house. My lawyer filed my claim quickly and then I got a letter that said I won. Things have gotten better since then."

- Rosetta W: MARYLAND

"Adam and his Team at American Disability Alliance made applying for Social Security Disability a breeze. Our face to face meetings provided all the information I needed in order to apply and receive my benefits. I was shocked at how easy the process was and how fast the results were. I was so fortunate to work with such a professional team who knows their business. Their know-how was my peace of mind. Thanks Adam and Team for giving me my life back"


"My experience with ADA was less stressful and yield results in a timely manner. I will continue to utilize their services for other needs."

- Stephen S: GEORGIA